FIFAOL3 beginners teaching series– initial team selection recommended

Hello, thousand million, and so on, until finally this day of service, can hold broken small Asia. The testing of the start, there are so many new things worthy of our attention, small Asia is most excited about is the initial selection choices! ‘ while the initial team selection is still with Real Madrid as the best choice, but little after careful study and found that actually some team worth to choose, today small Asia in detail here recommend!

Perhaps entered the game for the first time, you must be excited to see superstar Lionel Messi, failed to account, click on create, small Asia remind you here, don’t worry.

No matter which you choose teams, small Asia recommends that you first click on the box in the “other team,” then we will enter this interface:
From this screen, we will see on the left, League and national team roster in the middle on the right is the star of the team.
Well, after he arrived in this interface, little began to recommend suitable for use by novice team.

First of all, I would recommend is of course Real Madrid squad! the screenshot is to take a look at the team.

Real Madrid is the five-star team, starting only 3 players can be selected, choose Ronaldo, Bell and Ramos. Of course, if you ask a prior outstanding offensive capabilities, proposed to Ramos turns in Karim Benzema and modric.
In addition to Real Madrid team, small Asia team are recommended for novices is the Premier League team Liverpool.

Liverpool is four and a half stars team, so the initial players can choose 4 Oh! recommended selected Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard and Stirling, due to the operation of the game and features small Asia suggests you can also turn Stirling into centre-back Martin Skrtel, this way you have all three lines of the Liverpool Star! ‘ (Do not select the system recommended by Enrique, on the initial values after all, he’s not a team in the top four players)
In addition to the two big favourites outside, small Asia also recommended technique-type player with Barcelona, recommends using the original players for Messi, neymar, Sanchez or Iniesta! these four initial values are above 70, so to speak, you in the early stages there is a terrorist attack.

Like long ball for hanging, attacking tactics: players, small Asia recommend Paris Saint-Germain team recommends using the initial player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, CAVANI and Silva! two world class strikers and world class defenders, balance!
These four teams are the best of the four choices, and if you’re a Mavericks player, followed by little to recommend to you a few more cost-effective team.

1. Germany featured players Arjen Robben, Franck ribery of Bayern Munich, mandzukic or Novo Raz! capability of new universe no doubt.
2. Germany featured players of Borussia Lewandowski Mariusz, Royce, aubameyang front Trident of choices, attack is very sharp.
3. Italy Juventus featured player kaluosi teweizi, Bidal, pogba playmaker, forward assault, is also a very good choice.
4. featured players Wayne Rooney of Manchester United of England, Robin van Persie, marouane Fellaini or Marta back to intercept and attack, the Red Devils fans of choice.
5. featured players Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure of Manchester City of England, negredo or Navas and the Red Devils feature is somewhat similar, but players are slightly short.

Well, small Asia to recommend these very practical initial squad selection, you can be based on individual skills and interests, after careful consideration before making a decision.

If you are not a club fans and like to challenge your limits, then small Asia and finally to recommend to you a civilian Club, he is Everton.

Everton as a team of four and a half stars, you can choose from 4 initial player, small Asia recommended you choose the 202CM high Center Traor, Belgium a small tank romelu lukaku, first left-backs in the Premier League, Bain died and Belgium demon milalasi or United States veteran goalkeeper Howard.

Everton are a banner of high team, two strikers as the team reached astonishing levels in height (202CM Traor, a slightly 190CM), if you are a player likes to crush the other side with height and at the same time do not want to be Paris Saint-Germain team, Everton is definitely a very good choice for you.

FIFAOL3 recommended physically strong players

Description: in FIFAOL3, physical fitness is especially important in the ability, physically dominant players tend to get control of the ball, we recommend FIFAOL3 to everyone physically strong players.

No body heard about FIFA online the players are unlikely to force the, so God has given some FIFAOL3 members that constituted the player. I am ready to use the 4-2-3-1 lineup, who used to recommend various places who’s amazing … To have a physical force, invading inferior. Team I think is unlikely to rely on (goalkeeper: Fan Huote defenders: Ramos, per Mertesacker, Samba, David alaba midfield: Daniele de Rossi, Fellaini’s wings: Bell, Cristiano Ronaldo video front: Wayne Rooney centre forward: romelu lukaku). Find great God recommended to improve.

FIFAOL3 recommended physically strong players
FIFAOL3 recommended physically strong players

FIFAOL3 physical strong players before the recommended fields: Zlatan, Ronaldo, Rooney, Torres, Drogba, CAVANI, Bell, romelu lukaku.
FIFAOL3 physically strong players nominated in midfield: Daniele de Rossi, Michael Essien, Yaya Toure, and Sergio Busquets, marouane Fellaini, (can’t figure out, is full of defensive midfielder)
FIFAOL3 strong players featured in the wake of the body: Ramos, Vincent Kompany, per Mertesacker, Samba, Chiellini, Vidic.

There are a lot of FIFAOL3 we may note that the physically strong players, especially , if you have a new squad of demon people discovered, welcome to share.

FIFAOL3 a large inventory of the Manchester City player

Description: Manchester City in recent years, the rise of the world’s people, and Kim won-city offensive system of modern football was also not a small impact. Manchester City, in the popularity among fans is not low. This talk Manchester City players.

FIFAOL3, Jovetic bought Manchester City this summer, Navas, negredo, senior generals are not in the squad, but when it FIFAOL3 the top side.
Joe keeper position. Hart 69, is one of the best goalkeepers in the game.

FIFAOL3 a large inventory of the Manchester City player
FIFAOL3 a large inventory of the Manchester City player

On the back, right-back Pablo Zabaleta 66, left-back Gael Clichy similarly is 66, capacity in FIFAOL3 side is generally not very high, but Manchester City wing-back combination is very powerful. Centre-back position, Captain Vincent Kompany is the team’s defensive core, 68 per cent of capacity is undoubtedly the top central defender. Another central defender nastasic 62, though not on the top, but it is the rare young outstanding international football Centre-half.

Midfielder position, Yaya toure . composition double back Kolo Toure and Gareth Barry, their combinations let Manchester City’s waist is very tough. Capacity 70 Toure is one of the most balanced game in midfield, Barry 63, compared with Toure has a slightly more general. James Milner and David. Silva Manchester City midfield wings, Milner 67, though not on the top, but definitely worthy of noble team. David. da Silva 71, which belongs to the Organization midfielder, he is also the soul of the Manchester City midfield playmaker.

The forward position, and Ah Kun and dzeko composite is composed of one high and fast on one of the strongest strikers in the Premier League. Two value of 71 and 68, siege village is not a problem for city.

Strong does not just reflect on the starting lineup of Manchester City, whose normal bench is daunting.

Value of 67 right back Micah Richards is one of the best right back of the game, and two substitute central defender Kolo. Toure and laikesite also have a capacity of 66 substitute play maker Samir Nasri also has 69 high data with these substitutes, for City Manager can only be described as happy troubles. In the new season, Manchester City was bought Jovetic and Fernam Dior, negredo, Navas, a number of reinforcements, believed in later versions, Manchester City will be even more powerful.

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