The FIFA 15 will be the innovation of the FIFA series

EA Sports ‘ FIFA 15 has been spared no effort in . In a recent presentation, production staff told us that this and previous-generation is different, this will bring a lot of revolutionary content. We have seen in recent years and made no substantive changes to the FIFA, although a small number of game-changing content, but no big changes in basic mode. You only need a few years to buy a generation update team data is almost never leave anything out. But this year’s work sounds very different.

I think you may have seen before some of the FIFA 15 on why become a revolutionary generation of articles, but this is my standpoint is different, I’m going to talk about physics engine problems.

The FIFA 15 will be the innovation of the FIFA series
The FIFA 15 will be the innovation of the FIFA series

The FIFA 15 EA are included in so-called impact engine, you could also call it “real physics engine”. Though the game looks very good, but the players actual physical conflict result is not satisfying.

In the FIFA 15, when players hit with you, the game will decide which parts of the body causing injury, and then select meet the requirements of the animation. In some cases animations will seem extremely unnatural. Impact engine to each of the limbs, head and knees, and torso impact points have been established, such collisions can be a true reflection of the body.

It not only looks more realistic, and it can also improve the gaming experience. In the FIFA 15, a player will often be a doesn’t seem so strong tackle tipped. A skilled player in the FIFA 15 even managed to avoid these effects. Even defensive players Lionel Messi was hit in the leg, but I don’t think he should have a way to maintain a balance not to slip. In another scenario, a players clunky to take the ball to hit the opponent, two players being knocked to the ground.

EA shows a very rude tackles, in such a case the other slid a foot may even overturned, though, EA said this is not a lot to see. However, EA Sports has really made the engine has to have such a powerful impact.

Meanwhile, EA also make impact system damage system, it also brought a lot of improvement. If a slide tackle looks can damage the knees or ankles, so that will be the case. Those who have been hurt by the player must be more careful, since corresponds to parts of greater risk of injury. A very tired players might even injure yourself, so you have to build up a strong team formed to reduce the chances of this happening in a long season.

EA can be seen in the model of the game has done a lot of homework from a game play standpoint, this may impact engine to join since EA lost the 2007 PES can is one of the biggest improvements.

Wii version: simulation soccer game the FIFA 15 show details for the first time

A little while ago, Tristan Jackson, the Publisher of the FIFA15, to a foreign website has revealed some details about the game changes will be made this year. First of all, maximum is called “FIFA city” the new front-end capabilities, when you first run the game when the system will give you a your very own soccer city. Initially, several small buildings in your city only, such as basic training facilities and a small stadium, along with your development in five different models, respectively, your city will grow and grow.

In addition, your performance on the pitch, will also help improve the quality of your city. Previously, after you successfully display their hat-trick nor stop serving, you will have the opportunity to unlock the small updates and bonuses; but now, these skills will contribute to your city, as it adds a variety of rewards.

Wii version: simulation soccer game the FIFA 15 show details for the first time
Wii version: simulation soccer game the FIFA 15 show details for the first time

This kind of reward systems in fact is nothing new, but EA Sports intends to go further on this point, the addition of an extra “inter-city League Cup”. As your city grows, you will be able to 5-on-5 race teams in other cities. This contest, of course, will not start, when your city’s population passed the million mark when you will quickly unlock the better training facilities, more props for equipment to the members, and then when the city’s population exceeded 5 million, you will received an invitation from the Inter-City League.

Race to qualify as a mechanism, you’ll challenge than the weaker team, went on to defeat team are chosen from a stronger, more good players to supplement their own team, so as to continue to grow to challenge powerhouse teams. When you reach the city’s top ranking, you’ll get a bonus and 11-on-11 separate tournaments or leagues.

Last year’s popular “Street to the stadium” mode, this year again, but this pattern is not much changed. You are starting from an unknown street soccer players, and then slowly promoted, until you play for dream Association. After undergoing five quarters of tough competition, you can select, whether you created the role of introducing “Manager” mode.

This year’s “be a Manager” takes a more realistic form of management team. Last year’s “star recruit” is designed to kick off; this time, we only “money”, whether in dollars, pounds or euros, you have to be careful to manage their expenses, exploration, facility upgrades, contract, everything has to spend money. Reputation is also a very important factor, if Board of Directors expect too much to you, but you exceeded their account’s instructions, then you will get a high reputation, and you will be able to do more things for your team. Vice versa, if you don’t meet the expectations of Board of Directors, you will be less than what you can do.

From the foregoing it seems, EA Sports seems to have joined almost all soccer-related elements into the game, and tied, risk of lured players over all pattern so far. FIFA goes city really is a very attractive, and we are looking forward to playing, for people who are waiting to release this game, remembers September 27 is your big day!

Rub shot BUG has been fixed? FIFA 15 updated Title Update III is coming

Today EA release updated version numbers upgraded to 1.3, major update is as follows (screen shot and discrepancies in PS4 updates):

Rub shot BUG has been fixed? FIFA 15 updated Title Update III is coming
Rub shot BUG has been fixed? FIFA 15 updated Title Update III is coming

Version 1.03
-tuning to balance of long range shots and keeper reactions
-Added ability to call out the keeper in Pro Clubs
-Balance to shooting and keeper for shots in the box
-fix for players instructions in Seasons
-tuning to keeper angles on corners and set pieces
-fixes to changes in team mentality during matches
-fixes to flow around playing the Starter Cup in Ultimate Team
-fixes to player search in career
-fixes to player selection in Team Management in multiplayer matches
-fixes to looking back audio in career
-Updated injuries and suspensions in Match Day Live
-Tuned Legendary difficulty in gameplay
-Improvement to Goal Technology feature logic

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