FIFAOL3 a large inventory of the Manchester City player

Description: Manchester City in recent years, the rise of the world’s people, and Kim won-city offensive system of modern football was also not a small impact. Manchester City, in the popularity among fans is not low. This talk Manchester City players.

FIFAOL3, Jovetic bought Manchester City this summer, Navas, negredo, senior generals are not in the squad, but when it FIFAOL3 the top side.
Joe keeper position. Hart 69, is one of the best goalkeepers in the game.

FIFAOL3 a large inventory of the Manchester City player
FIFAOL3 a large inventory of the Manchester City player

On the back, right-back Pablo Zabaleta 66, left-back Gael Clichy similarly is 66, capacity in FIFAOL3 side is generally not very high, but Manchester City wing-back combination is very powerful. Centre-back position, Captain Vincent Kompany is the team’s defensive core, 68 per cent of capacity is undoubtedly the top central defender. Another central defender nastasic 62, though not on the top, but it is the rare young outstanding international football Centre-half.

Midfielder position, Yaya toure . composition double back Kolo Toure and Gareth Barry, their combinations let Manchester City’s waist is very tough. Capacity 70 Toure is one of the most balanced game in midfield, Barry 63, compared with Toure has a slightly more general. James Milner and David. Silva Manchester City midfield wings, Milner 67, though not on the top, but definitely worthy of noble team. David. da Silva 71, which belongs to the Organization midfielder, he is also the soul of the Manchester City midfield playmaker.

The forward position, and Ah Kun and dzeko composite is composed of one high and fast on one of the strongest strikers in the Premier League. Two value of 71 and 68, siege village is not a problem for city.

Strong does not just reflect on the starting lineup of Manchester City, whose normal bench is daunting.

Value of 67 right back Micah Richards is one of the best right back of the game, and two substitute central defender Kolo. Toure and laikesite also have a capacity of 66 substitute play maker Samir Nasri also has 69 high data with these substitutes, for City Manager can only be described as happy troubles. In the new season, Manchester City was bought Jovetic and Fernam Dior, negredo, Navas, a number of reinforcements, believed in later versions, Manchester City will be even more powerful.

The substantial improvement of the FIFA 15– Japan presentation speech

EA in Japan local time on July 28 the multiplatform presentation of the football game FIFA 15 “FIFA 15 LIVE STADIUM.” EA Japan Kumagai, head of marketing PR, as well as EA Canada serves as the Executive producer of Mu Kazu wakita also attended the presentation and give a speech.

This is a 15-year history of the FIFA series of football’s latest popularity. Previously used for “FIFA 14″ 200,000,007, feedback data for more than 5 million times online, often improved strike again.

The substantial improvement of the FIFA 15-- Japan presentation speech
The substantial improvement of the FIFA 15– Japan presentation speech

Bear Valley first delivered a speech saying “I have confidence in quality of the FIFA series is, as the action was top football games (PS: I wonder if this guy forget the fact sheet)”, and emphasized that this completion is significantly higher.

Next stage of Mu Tian Heye explains the details of this. PLAYSTATION 3/Xbox 360 version of FIFA 15 actions such as passing or shooting, as well as configuration, defense and other basic AI section has been improved. Attacking role AI will automatically calculate their offensive line, the roles will be based on their fit, rather than the first few are as basic as the same action to be taken.

Here are the basic points of improvement, although it is usually has a great influence on the game.
Urgency AI judge
Locate Configuration
In addition this also improved the former players dissatisfied with some elements, such as often shot on the goal, as the degree of difficulty rises, often was given a red card, and so on.

As far as adding new elements a lot. First is the series for the first time to achieve a 360-degree drift (ドăƒȘフト), and finer control operation, etc. Also added 1-on-1 special moves when the scramble for the ball.

Can experience the football club’s “management” also has more than 50 improvements, closer to reality. According to the real budget for the team and the player’s reputation for transplant. Especially Club and greatly strengthen the AI, the demands of the real player is no different.

Scheduled platform release, today announced Wii version will use the Wii remote and nunchaku, and adds support for easier simpler operating model, 2-on-2 network play.
In addition, this release also disclosed some of the PSP version of the information. Current PSP development is progressing well, with the exception of the above introduction management mode, challenge mode, started from a particular State will carry new models of practice. Wireless feature/collaboration for 2 people at the same time playing games.

Finally, EA has opened up the DEMO version of the demo. Addition said the completion of the PLAYSTATION version 3/Xbox 360 degree 65% degree 80% and the Wii Edition, the other is not known, still in the development stage. So stay tuned everyone looks forward to.

FIFAOL3 players develop system, create the most powerful star

Description: FIFAOL3, players develop a system is a feature article about players who get into the habit of the Raiders.

In the EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3, each player is growing up. Player growth is divided into two ways, either they win experience points to upgrade per litre level 1, the players all stats will be increased by 1 point. Second synthesis way to play cards, player synthesis ability deserves to varying degrees after strengthening to note is that only two players of the same players card to synthesize!

FIFAOL3 players develop system, create the most powerful star
FIFAOL3 players develop system, create the most powerful star

Players, you can strengthen the player to the right of the interface list, check needs to be strengthened by players (two players of the same), then you can click on the bottom right of the interface “enhanced” reinforces the buttons on the player.

Confirm improved appears after improved player animations, after the end of the animation you can see players enhanced results, strengthening a chance for failure, enhanced risk, collection card caution!

Enhanced success
Dear gamers, if you want to have a fighting force strong team PVP rank would first go to collect Player cards reinforce and put into the League mode to “leveling” go!

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