Fostering the degree of adaptability in teamwork and training experience of the FIFA 15

Locker room seems to have been only in the current version is an indicator to help players with team-building to measure and analysis tools, no morale and status as a 3D game play a direct role.

Fostering the degree of adaptability in teamwork and training experience of the FIFA 15
Fostering the degree of adaptability in teamwork and training experience of the FIFA 15

But the team does the same, this is directly reflected in the game. Such as passing off objects located or opposing players on the course when, will almost always run the ball out of the ball, which is a kind of team.

In General, want to play smooth game, to keep at least 15 per cent of the team atmosphere and 60 per cent of the team together with him.

Teamwork can be viewed in a tactical interface or the training interface.
First team each player has a team of fit, but canceled in 13 successive versions before personal—the team with the project, so now the values become hidden. By replacing players after viewing the team changes, can be roughly understood hands each player of the team with the property generally is, or higher than, lower than anything. Then try to keep more than 60 players fit then select on the basis of appearances. In General, when the State of morale and team fit when there is a conflict, please give priority to morale, with degree to try to keep more than 60 green on the line.

Fit with the training program, in a season is slowly rising. But the details of which training programs work, remains unclear. Replacement lineup does not affect the fit, only replacement appearances players affected. Players participating in the game seems to be an additional match, it remains to be seen.

The best way is guaranteed with degree rotation each game on the premise of one or two individual team property is a similar player, it is best to avoid a large rotations the game. Every now and then participate in the first-team players, best joined the first team that helped develop teamwork property.

In addition, due to changes in ranking system, as compared to the level of the preceding ages were lowered. But under a certain talent level Cap remained. Roughly speaking, seven under the talent level CAP is around 80 per cent, eight stars is probably around 85, nine stars 90, ten star 95, if a player did not meet appropriate grade, conversation, you can choose “hope you can attend additional training,” players will respond, “I still have room, I must try harder” or something like that.

When individual training, ability to ascend to the upper left of each item are available for other projects. Not to practice dribbling a seven player to 95 also makes no sense.

In contrast, if the level has exceeded the upper limit, then it will be very unstable, and then started to fall down. If you talk asking him more training, he would respond, “I have no room.” Both from the perspective of team-building and the maximum in terms of gains, such person may consider selling.

EA has begun to boast of the FIFA 15

Just the FIFA 14 GA, received praise and confident EA will look to next year, and started to make members look forward to FIFA 15 or more distant future.

FIFA series producer David Rutter released pronouncements: “we’ve got too many things to do. EA Sports Football Club is very well this year, but this year there are many had a chance to achieve something. When we enjoy these next few years will definitely be shocked. ”

EA has begun to boast of the FIFA 15
EA has begun to boast of the FIFA 15

He went on to say: “as for the game, it’s football, right? I watch every game, no matter how poorly the team, I feel there is something for us to learn from the place. This year we have done a lot, such as player’s shot, excellent off the ball, professional player intelligence, there are plenty of upcoming. I think this year, we serve up a wonderful game, also had some good ideas about the next year. ”

The “European Chinese team” is in column! The ten overrated team in FIFA 15

We know that every year the FIFA announced a series of player ranking data through assessments to determine the specific game number of players, but EA is sometimes given player is expected to be a number of gaps in the data and reality. Can we in the FIFA team before the release of the 15 proposed to make data, match the team’s data and real strength. EA games and player emotions does so well, so in order to make the game more realistic, data cannot be ignored. EA should be based on the players and teams in the two thousand thirteen-fourteenths assessed the overall performance of the season, here are ten teams to have to downgrade.

The "European Chinese team" is in column! The ten overrated team in FIFA 15
The “European Chinese team” is in column! The ten overrated team in FIFA 15

10. Borussia Dortmund (5-star) attack: 86/midfielder: 78/defense: 82
Dortmund in the last season’s performance was stunning in 2013/2014, Europe defeated Real Madrid to reach the Cup final. Dortmund, while 13~14 season will be reverted, lost to Real Madrid 0:3 represents one of the first round. Opened their first Super Bowl season and Guardiola led Bayern 4:2 won a decisive victory, which many fans believe Klopp’s Dortmund will eventually win over Bundesliga Giants Bayern Munich. Instead, Bayern won the Dortmund lived up to everyone’s expectations. Now Dortmund’s attack rating of 86, but Lewandowski Mariusz (top scorer in the past three years) leave no doubt weaken their offensive line, but also enhances the strength of Bayern Munich.

9. England (4.5 stars) attack: 83/midfielder: 79/defense: 79
England values in the teams and players of the FIFA Games have been overvalued, to ridicule. Hodgson led England in Brazil’s performance at the World Cup proved that England don’t deserve a 4.5 star, not to mention Costa Rica, Ghana and Nigeria team broke through. 2014 World Cup hopes this young squad eventually only picked up one point in the tournament, that lacks a star not why English cities. Lack of experience on the defensive line and the other end Rooney and Sturridge’s attack is blocked is to blame. Terry 79 evaluation of defence and United Kingdom 4.5 stars evaluation needs to be revised. Ratings need to be based on the national team instead of players who play in the national team’s performance at the Club.

8. in Barcelona (5-star) attack: 86/midfielder: 86/defense: 83
Eight-nineths, nine-tenths, ten-elevenths, eleven-twelveths Bara under Guardiola last season no one to stop her. But now the fourteen-fifteenths season, Guardiola leave the Allianz, Harvey’s departure make Barcelona completely lost its Royal status. Two 7:0 twelve-thirteenths Europe lost to Bayern Munich, lost the Spanish champions, even so, Barcelona is still the best teams in the FIFA14, even stronger than Bayern Munich. This would obviously be adjustments in FIFA15, because Barcelona is no longer 5 years ago, the King of the Division.

7. Norwich (4-star), with the midfield and defense: 74
Since League in Norwich, has long been expected to become a strong team. 0:7 defeat Manchester City and everything but then there seems to be some highly passable Norwich. In the last few games, coach Houghton school, Neal Adams want to put out the fire. This is obviously a very bad decision, Canary relegated. Norwich subsequently losing the most outstanding player, the team is not in the United Kingdom within the top ranks, team is clearly not what it was.

6. Real Betis (4-star) attack: 74/midfielder: 72/defense: 73
Real Betis badly, Club President Miguel thirteen-fourteenths season had also wanted the team to be able to win a place in Europe, but the past season only got 25-42 goal difference. Effect of beiniyate to the team’s departure, is even worse. Real Betis was clearly not worthy of four stars.

5. AC Milan (4.5 stars) attack: 80/midfielder: 79/defense: 77
European soccer giants of the past seem to have come tumbling down. Despite the FIFA14 rating of 4.5 star, but over the course of a season, especially in February fell to swim after ranks, AC Milan’s fans can’t wait to get to forget. Although coach Massimiliano Allegri to take primary responsibility for the failure, poor players is a major problem. Team has a large number of temporary jobs, and a normal player, cannot inherit the essence of AC Milan. Team core remains elegance is no longer the 32-year-old Kaka. Final AC Milan in eighth place, the strength is questionable.

4. Fulham (4-star) attack: 71/midfielder: 74/defense: 72
Fulham was once the Premier League leader, is known for solid management organization of the team. In the past bad seasons, and three times a change of coach is not getting any better. In order to reinforce the squad and Fulham in the winter transfer window waste bought 11 million pounds from Olympiacos miteluogelu, he only played for one crop failure. Defensive end Fulham’s performance is also very controversial. Fulham’s Premier League journey ended for 13 consecutive years in the ideal. Even though they signed Leeds player McCormick, but the team is still not able to reach the height of 4 stars.

3. Brazil (5-star) attack: 82/midfielder: 81/defense: 84
As the host, Brazil’s World Cup performance and ultimately allow any perverse. Semi-final encounter low’s Germany, was even poured five goals in the first half, Mineiro fans seem to see the arena has been the amateur team. Maybe a lot of people blaming the defeat in this big score the player and his wife did, but it still can’t obscure Brazil overall strength and weakness. After the game Brazil 84 defensive ratings as before find it ironic. Say the least if Thiago Silva for so large a role, then his personal rating is very high, very high, but in fact is not reflected in the game. Defender like Marcelo and 50 million daweiluyisi showed no defensive core. In the FIFA15 of Brazil’s score should be lowered, because Brazil will be held accountable for their performance on the World Cup.

2. Manchester United (5-star) attack: 85/midfielder: 79/defense: 80
Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson opened the Red Devils in the past the end of a miserable season began. No one can anticipate United’s performance is so poor. Manchester United signed marouane Fellaini and Mata, were also signed at the beginning of the season are prized by Moyes, but these deals will bring performance unacceptable. Moyes led Manchester United only in its opener Community Shield as well as the first leg 4:1 beat Swansea won praise when, the next worst record after the record 80. Manchester United ended in the seventh ended the season, Moyes has class. Therefore, undoubtedly of Manchester United in the first grade was raised even higher than Manchester City. If van Gaal put Manchester United back on track, and spend a lot of money in the summer to complete the squad of reinforcement, the Red Devils season-something to look forward to in the future.

1. Spain (5-star) attack: 86/midfielder: 86/defense: 83
The focus of world attention, dominate the international scene for many years Spain instantly fall into a trough. Brazil World Cup, Diego gekesita to join Spain’s determination to defend greatly increased, but they are in the group stage had been ravaged, unfortunately was eliminated. Barcelona, as we saw earlier, teams are good at playing Tiki-Taka instead of making Spain football back. Brazil’s heaviest defeat in the World Cup before Spain is not real data. Midfield there is no doubt that the ratings of the offensive line and the defensive line must be adjusted.

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